Jul 30 2009

Welcome to my block list!

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I am a facebook addict. Facebook has given me an opportunity to reconnect with people I have not talked to in years. I don’t look for people! Even I found that they are my friends, I don’t add them. Never. Ego katakan.. Tapi kalau orang add saya approve je lah. Selagi tak cari pasal! But if………………..

You are going on my block list. My block list is something I update consistently. It just keep growing person by person. Ingat saya hingin sangat lah nak tengok senjata dia! Macam power. Suntik Lidocaine bagi stroke kejap kat situ baru tau! Orang yang saya block semua orang yang annoying macam ni lah!

Hooray! Congratulations, you got a free trip to my block list!

Too bad there are no block list in real life. Kan best kan? You know what, you are pissing me off, you are going on my block list! So that, I will never have to see you againnnnnnnnnnn.

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