May 21 2011

Totin Jamain’s Giveaway!

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Believe me, ladies and gentleman, you will NOT want to miss out on this punyalah!!!  I’m giving away a FREE Health and Beauty Products (Rm50 -rm100 value) I baik kan? Bluwerk. I probably don’t even need to tell you much lah products apa, you guys can go and see from my left sidebar ni.

All you need to do are,

1. You MUST be a follower of my blog. (Google Friend Connect). A Must tau.

2. “Like” the Facebook blognetworks for my blog (Whateverlife!).

3. Add me to your blog roll. / blog links.

4. Review my blog with a topic: Kenapa saya suka baca blog Totin Jamain?

(can post in English or Malay suka hati kau lah)

Your entry mesti menjawap all there questions:

Ques 1: Kenapa saya suka baca blog Totin Jamain?

Ques 2: Dari mana saya tahu tentang blog Totin Jamain?

Ques 3: Totin Jamain adalah seorang…

Ala-ala macam slogan nak isi borang peraduan gores dan menang. Bukan susah sangat pon.

Ques 4: Saran?

Saran kan lah whatever you want. To make this blog more fun sebab I dah kering idea nak update apa lagi. Or maybe you guys ada request apa-apa untuk info dikongsi bersama?

Boleh menulis mengikut kreativiti masing-masing.

5. And leave a comment on THIS post letting me know.

6. Grab this button and post on your blog’s sidebar (leave the link)

Can resize lah kalau besar sangat.

Kacanggggg  je kan? ENTRIES WILL BEGIN ON SATURDAY, MAY 21ST AND LAST THROUGH ….err I haven’t decided until when. Nanti I akan umumkan a week before closing date!

I am going to pick the 3 biggest action takers. I look forward to also telling the entire audience about you and your blog too. So what are you waiting for?

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