Oct 26 2009

Me = rubbish.

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I’m not so in the mood today. I don’t know why. Nothing really happen! Tapi macam malas betul nak bercakap dan bergelak ketawa. I just feel soooo MOODY! Ohya. Em now in Banyumas.Tinggal di satu bilik 6 orang penghuni, Okay I don’t like it. I need some privacy!! Tapi tak apalah. It’s only for a week.

Sekarang rotation untuk psychiatry. Dan kami sangat santai sampai macam jadi menganggur habis. My groupmates semua nak pergi jalan-jalan Bandung pulak esok-esok. Ohhhh tak ada moooooooooood lahhhh. Boleh tak kalau I nak balik Jogja je dan menangis dalam bilik?

Sometimes i really don’t know what is going on in your mind. I tried to understand, but i failed. Things are not like how it use to be anymore, I fight a lot this days for all kinds of stupid reasons.

I miss you, Yunnissa. Thank you for being there for me when I need u most.:(

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  1. adeqqon 26 Oct 2009 at 8:54 AM

    cheer up!~

    ‘Maybe u received nothing u wanted,
    But u received everything u needed’

    take care! smile dear =)


    Totin.Naufael Reply:

    eheee yeh2 ya right. Thanks dear. 🙂


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