Sep 22 2017

Izyan Iziana

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While I was in secondary school, this girl is the one that I very much disliked. Dah lah nakal gila, suka skip classes, mengganggu orang study, but thennnn, she always got the highest marks in almost all subjects. WHOI SIMPAN SAKA KE APA? TAK BELAJAR TAPI PANDAI! I hate this type of person.

She is Iziana. Her name is a bit similar with my name. But of course my name is more cutesy. -_- Can you imagine, dahlah nakal. Selalu kena marah dalam class. When the teacher shouted ‘IZIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNN-NA’ I yang menyirap seriau ok. Fuh lega nasib baik ada ‘na’ dekat hujung. To be honest, this is the second reason why I disliked her.

Lama-lama that ‘girls ego’ pun hilang. We make friends from the inside out. I still remembered, she sat beside me in every physics class. She was very good in physics. Berbeza dengan I yang sangat lembab belajar physics. I don’t likee physics!!! Tak minat langsung. Tapi dia lah kawan yang always help me in that subjects (in fact, kawan untuk I tiru homework physics.. bhuhaha) . Dia yang paling rajin explained to me about all those hukum newton or whatsoever sampai I faham dan masuk kepala.


She was then continued her study in Kelantan. I studied in Indonesia. But we were still keep in touch, chatting and ym-ing. Tapi dari habis sekolah sampai sekarang, kita tak pernah jumpa, hangout, or meet somewhere. Dari Kelantan- dia pindah KL – then Sarawak.. merantau here and there. She got her own life. While me is busy with my life and ex boyfriendsssss (lots of ex’es sampai tak sempat nak jumpa kau. bhuahaa.)

She is now working at hospital somewhere in JB. At Oncology department.. not a doctor but still related with a phycis thingy. Sebab dia dah stay in JB so I rasa bersalah besar kalau tak jumpa dia. Plus I don’t have friends in JB. At least ada la geng nak melepak JB. Nampak tak, I’m kinda bad in friendship, dah takde kawan lain baru nak cari. Wakakkaaa uppppssss.

So we went for a short vacation to Singapore last month, with our last minute plan actually. Yang ni I cerita on the next entry. I just nak cakap yang I dah jumpa my partner who really knows how to take my OOTD picture with a very good angle. Hahaa thank you Izi. Let’s plan for the next trip!

Just like how a rainbow has no value without its bright colors

and a perfume has no value without its fragrance,

my life has no value without a friend like you.

Thanks for being my friend.

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