Jul 24 2010

Hello Kitty Volume Express Maybelline *Limited Edition*


I absolutely in love with Maybelline’s new product, HELLO KITTY volume express limited edition. It’s so cute wey. Tapi sayangnya tidak dijual di Indonesia. (or maybe belum dijual?) Remember this entry? Yeah, I received this mascara last week and screaming excitedly!


Spotted that Hello Kitty! 🙂

  • The brush is nice. Easy to apply and it gets all the eyelashes covered.
  • It doesn’t make your lashes clump loads and berketul-ketul macam ada tahi cicak melekat di mata.
  • It lengthens lashes. Eh no. Seakan-akan macam lengthens but actually not. -_-
  • The packaging, of coarse!

Honestly, it’s not the best mascara but it’s not bad either. Hello Kitty punya pasal. 🙂

DSC04806_¸±±¾ copy

Terima kasih daun keladi

Esok-esok beli lagi.

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Hello Kitty MAC Make Up set!



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