Oct 24 2010

Blackberry TORCH! : A must have for blackberry lovers!

WHY? Sebab setelah mencuba kedua jenis blackberry (with Onyx), Torch jauh lebih canggih dan mencuit hati. It’s a hard time believing that my previous 9700 Onyx was anything special yet kehkehkeh. Torch is the best all around device I have used. Dengan autofocus camera 5MP, an excellent picture quality antara alasan kukuh kenapa Torch canggih. Antara gabungan Storm + Onyx jadi tak payah nak pening kepala nak guna touchscreen or the slide out keypad. And a LARGER SCREEN too! User friendly dan puas hati punya.

DSC05440_副本 copy

Just because saya jujur orangnya, I’m going to tell you the disadvantages of using Torch.I faced the big problem in battery life. Yelah, a blackberry’s battery life is one of the most important considerations. Baru tekan sikit-sikit je battery life dah berkurang. Mungkin sebab Torch sangat canggih dan power sekali sehingga kuat makan battery? maybe?

Tak apa, Torch still the best, stand by lah extra battery or portable charger, apa susah?

DSC05442_副本 copy

How can you not love this phone?

Second problem adalah apabila kita jalan all around the world, eh tipulah itu. Bila kita cari blackberry Torch accessories around Kuala Lumpur, at the center of blackberry semua tak ada lagi. They were like “Hah? Nak cari casing Torch? Tak pernah dengar pon.” Ada pula yang cakap “Blackberry Touch (not TORCH) itu blackberry Storm ye?” Aduhmaakkk. And finally I found Popmyberry at ss15 itupun setelah 2 kali round tak jumpa-jumpa sesat-sesat. Ingatkan Popmyberry penyelamat, rupanya all Torch Accessories sampai Malaysia next month. Sekian, I love Yogyakarta! (tiba-tiba).

Tak apa, Torch still the best, tunggu lah next month, apa susah?

Third problem, TAK ADA. Yes TAK ADA. The torch is the one and only handheld that has everything you need, anytime you need it and however you want to do! Blackberry will always be my favourite! Beli Blackberry Torch lebih smart daripada  iPh*uhuk-uhuk*one4.

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What was you waiting for? THE TORCH!

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