Mar 22 2009

Air Terjun Sungai Gabai.

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Pics, a day before I was flying back to Indonesia (Baru je terasa nak post). We had a great family picnic at Air Terjun Sungai Gabai, somewhere in Hulu Langat kooot.


Stop saying she’s cute! I know Amani is exactly like me. I realized I’m so much like her when I was a child. Kan? Hahahahaha. (Budak gemuk tu pulak dah cetak perut abang aku).
On the other note..
I’m down with a slight fever now. My nose blocked. I’m 24/7 lying on the bed, covered by thick blanket. Orang tua-tua cakap, demam rindu kot. Bie, cepatlah datang sini!!!

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