Jun 05 2010

Who is Totin Jamain?

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Totin is my callable name. My real name is not important. My age is a sensitive issue. But you can guess from my outer face. Macam 21 tahun kan kan kan.

Sombong and berlagak. That’s what people said. But truely I’m not. In fact, I’m friendly with everybody! You should’t judge me with short time. Okay?  Laughing out laud is my hobby. My loud is very-very the noise I tell you.  Merayau is great. Shopping is the best therapy for me (Girls born to do that thing damnit).  I’m not going to tell I’m an open-minded person cause for some issues I still keep them pretty conservative, but I also not going to label me as a close minded people! I love the way I am and I feel life is a bless for me. I’m a kind of childish and spoiled but I can be very mature if I have to. I Believe in God and I also believe Alien, pretty confusing? oh well, people are complex!

I am a doctor but some say I am a serial killer. LOL. Actually, I don’t want to be a doctor. I want to go into arts and fashion fields but my parents would kill me. Lalala.. Tapi tak apalah. I kinda hate my job at first, but now I think  I should not regret it, medicine is also an arts lah. Arts of therapy! Yes I enjoy it!

I am married with my husband (iyelah takkan with your husband pula?? #$%) Emmet (bukan nama sebenar). He is a nice, VERY GOODLOOKING GUY (di mataku only) my crush since 7years agoooo. Well, actually he is tough, berbadan sasa orang melayu kata. But I’m not sure what happened to his tummy. -_-

This is ET Junior, Aurora In’aqsa (yang ni nama sebenar dia), born on 1st October 2013. I call her Aurora, rora, or sometime I panggil Totin Kecik jeee. Rora ni comel, macam mummy dia. Bhuahah tak pasal-pasal.

Anyway, you might be a bit confused if you are new in here..


Si sepet tonggek ni diberi nama Syed Sobrie. Yes, Syed Sobrie is my baby car, born on early 2011

Called her Kembang Melati. Came from british short hair family. Was born on January 2013. Manja dengan kita je, dengan orang lain dia takmo. So mengada!

My partner in crime,my sistahood! Eekin, Nabil, Cikanot, Pareq and Syaf. Panggil mereka ALIEN. Why Alien? Cause Aliens are likely to look and behave like us. Ngeeee.


Last word, be nice to me and you’ll get that in return.

Thanks for reading, stalker!

No offense.





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