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Jun 28 2013

Kembang Melati is on instagram!

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Pengumuman kepada semua kucing-kucing di Malaysia dan juga di luar negara, Kembang Melati sudah mempunyai account instagram. Sila follow untuk mengetahui perkembangan terkini Kembang.

Chewah bukan main si Kembang sekarang siap dah ada instagram. Sebenarnya tujuan buat insta dia ni supaya senang nak buat collection gambar dia. Sengaja tanak campur adukkan dengan instagram sendiri. Bila boring-boring tekanan perasaann, tengok gambar kembang je dah boleh tersenyum.

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Jun 27 2013

Masakan pertama!

Perh! Berpeluh-peluh pegang sudip bila diberi task untuk memasak. Seakan-akan memasuki rancangan masterchef peringkat akhir. Chewah intro tak boleh blah.

Sebenarnya ni first time memasak, untuk suami. Bukan sahaja untuk suami, tapi untuk tahun ini juga. Bhuahaha buruknya perangai aku. Iyelah sebelum ini duduk rumah ada bibik masak, tinggal order sahaja amboi kemain. Sekarang dah tinggal berdua di rumah sendiri, tiba-tiba terasa nak menjadi macam isteri.

Masakan pertama adalah macaroni cheese. Amboi bukan main. Baru pegang sudip dah terus masak western. Tak berani nak share resipi sebab sedar diri memang tak layak! Bhuahaha. Masak secara hentam krono je main agak-agak tengok gambar dan bayangkan. Wah baru tahu memasak ini memerlukan imaginasi rupanya.

Tara! Menjadi! Macaroni cheese + meatball ala-ala secret recipe gitu. Sedap untuk first try macam aku ni! Terasa bangga dengan diri sendiri lelagi bila tengok Emmet makan tambah 2 kali. Tak tahu lah sebab dia lapar pelahap ker atau memang betul-betul sedap. Alah anggap jekla memang sedap. (pemangkin untuk masak lagi esok hari).

Wah tiba-tiba blog jadi blog mak-mak. Bhuhahaha.

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Jun 25 2013

Munster’s first home game of the campaign is the previous day

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Officers and a K9 team checked the area but were unable to locate the suspect. The suspect is described as a black male, is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 175 pounds. He was wearing a green or gray hooded jacket. Munster’s first home game of the campaign is the previous day, when they host Pro12 rivals, the Glasgow Warriors (1.0), while Ulster will embrace a couple of sons of the province, in Gareth Steenson and Ian Whitten, albeit that they will be wearing Exeter Chiefs jerseys. That match has a 7.45pm kickoff. Connacht travel to play Zebre (3.15, Irish time) on the Sunday afternoon..

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Jun 22 2013

Whip the ball in with pace and for god’s sake ensure that

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U $3,500 to NDC Consulting Inc., owned by Joseph Mariano, Mariano’s brother. (Delaine A. Mariano and Joseph James Mariano of North Scituate are listed as president and vice president of the firm with the Rhode Island Secretary of State’s office.) Joseph Mariano was employed by Inquest Technologies Inc.

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wholesale jerseys from china “Every day, you try to come here with a smile on your face, ready to work, have fun and get better for that next day. This is exciting. Our team is so competitive. It will be unacceptable tomorrow if we fail to trouble their keeper. Hi tempo from the off and shoot on sight. I am hoping that an early goal will set the scene but if you don’t shoot you don’t score! Our set pieces need to be much improved. Whip the ball in with pace and for god’s sake ensure that crosses and corners at least beat the first defender. It’s a simple game lads, work hard, work for each other, show us desire and we will get behind you. Now get those vital 3 points so we can all enjoy our Saturday night for a change!Newton is left sided as is Fry. wholesale jerseys from china

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Jun 14 2013

Hello Tingkap baru!

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Dulu selalu berangan-angan untuk memiliki laptop baru. Alah sebenarnya takde lah nak sangat laptop tapi nak windows 8 sajerkk. Memandangkan nampak cool windows 8 itu, impian menjadi hampa bila terkenangkan laptop pink Dell cabuk tak mampu nak install windows besar-besar.

Few month ago, my laptop dijangkiti virus super awesome yang buat I rasa annoying setiap kali pasang USB ke apa mesti terjangkit virus juga. Jadi nak tak nak kena hantar jumpa my special laptop specialist.  Jadi dia terus offer,

Nak tambah RAM?

Nak tukar windows 8?

Lepas itu dia explain about my laptop RAM is 1 then dia nak tambah to 4 ke apa untuk buat programme lagi laju oke fine my IT knowledge is nothing so I angguk sahaja lah.

“Kau buat lah apa kau nak buat!”

And the outcome,

Excited tengok Interface serba pink! Mula-mula ingatkan bila dia kata dah upgrade laptop itu terus jadi touch screen rupanya tak. Bhuahahaa banyak cantik kau kan? Tak apa, tetap boleh navigate ke sana ke mari pakai mouse. Masih dipandang cool! Lepastu programme semua tak loading lembaps macam dulu lagi!

Semua programme dah terpapar dekat Interface. Nak check email, click terus sampai. Main game? Tengok calender? Arghhhh semualah. Ok jakun gila padahal windows 8 dah lama dipasaran. BooOooOo Totin BoooOoo!

Apa-apa pun, thank you to my IT specialist, Azizan Zabha. Kalau laptop dijangkiti kuman, virus merbahaya, atau mempunyai apa sahaja masalah IT boleh terus pergi buat consultasi dengan dia. Dijamin memuaskan! Keutamaan untuk orang Batu Pahat! 🙂

PM dia direct dekat facebook,

Zabha Junior

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