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Mar 17 2009

Lepak-ed with Yusry KRU

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Last Saturday night, me and Mohd Farysa (Mohd menunjukkan dia seorang lelaki) went to lepak-lepak for a while at Lotus, Ampang. We haven’t meet up since quite long ago, so we decided to go catch up and spend some time together. Ini bukan topic utama..


Ok. The guy behind us (with cap) was Yusry KRU. He was there with his gf (i guess so) yang sumpah seranah cantik sangat!!!!!

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Mar 16 2009

Success is not a destiny but it’s a journey.

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Remember this exam? Yeaaaa I pass the exam! Been worrying like hell, but in the end it’s still good. Good good. I’ve been through this hard times successfully. Thanks for everyone who has sent me their prayers.. especially my family (Mama siap buat kenduri), the bf, and also everyone for their continuous prayer and supports. I do really appreciate it.
Pass to the first wave is all I need. GOD ah thank you so muchh!! Yeay, boleh habis cepat!
p/s: Only 24 out of 54 International students passed the exam. And I’m one of it! Macam tak percaya jeee.. 75 out of 200++ Indonesian students passed the exam too. Congrates Luna!!!

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Mar 14 2009

Time flies like crap!

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“When will you get the picture
Your the past I’m the future
Get away it’s my time to shine
If you didn’t know the boy is mine”


We just went back from karaoke session. Yes. only both of us. We lives for karaoke! (Dulu time secondary school kitorang pernah berduet masuk contest menyanyi lepastu kena hentam dengan cikgu yang alim-alim sebab die cakap menyanyi itu tak bagus) eh ok. terlebih sudah. Actually, this outing was special for Ee-kin who has a problem with her bf. Relaks lah beb. Mari kita melalak!

It’s just 2 more days before I went back to Indonesia. Time flies so fast. Tonight is the last day to sleep on my own bed with my soft toys and my pillows. Sambil menikmati 17’c air cond. Urgh!

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Mar 12 2009

Sayang Nazim

I’m home! I just went back from KL. A very nice memory and now sudah officially split with the bf. T_T ok bye.

Bila saya sampai rumah. Nazim, adik saya dekat luar sedang merajuk. Dia tampal notes di pintu rumah.


<~<~<~<~ Daripada Mama:
Mama ini tak suka saya ya habistu saya pergi luar aja. Main sekuter.
Sayang Nazim

<~<~<~<~ . Hahahaha. Funny la ok! Yes, my cute lil bro(9yrs) is bad in his own language. Eh bukan bad, but not so good. (He's good in english i tell you!). Tapi comel je ok. Actually dia nak cakap macam ni, . Kepada Mama, Mama dah tak suka saya ye? Kalau macam tu saya pergi luar aja lah, main skuter. Sayang Nazim? hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€

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Mar 08 2009

When I hang out with the girls, I have fun. Lots of fun! I Love Them!

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With Eekin and Yun
With the bola boling
Start sewel da…
Geget pipi Anith. Aup!

Life has been pretty hectic for me. Hopefully I can catch up and updating my blog. I am now in BatuPahat. Tomorrow in JB, Monday in KL. gilekah?

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