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Mar 23 2009

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Mar 22 2009

Air Terjun Sungai Gabai.

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Pics, a day before I was flying back to Indonesia (Baru je terasa nak post). We had a great family picnic at Air Terjun Sungai Gabai, somewhere in Hulu Langat kooot.


Stop saying she’s cute! I know Amani is exactly like me. I realized I’m so much like her when I was a child. Kan? Hahahahaha. (Budak gemuk tu pulak dah cetak perut abang aku).
On the other note..
I’m down with a slight fever now. My nose blocked. I’m 24/7 lying on the bed, covered by thick blanket. Orang tua-tua cakap, demam rindu kot. Bie, cepatlah datang sini!!!

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Mar 21 2009

Because I’m bored.

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1. Because I’m bored, I bought the complete first season of Gossip Girl on dvd. (Cost only rm35). I know I’m outdated. Baru je tergerak nak tengok so shut up.

The only reason I watch Gossip Girl is because of this girl!


2. Because I’m bored, I’ve made my new friendster account especially for my closest friends. Entahlah, fs lama tu semak sangat dengan strangers yang pelik-pelik. So guys, add me up using my ym’s email ok.

3. I keep complaining to my bf. I’m bored. So bored. Very bored. Totally bored. Heard that my clinical rotation postponed to 30th March due to some problems. And I was like, what the…..? Teka apa the bf buat? He booked a ticket to Yogya. Yes he did. I realllyyyyyy loveeee youuuuuuuu bieeeeeeeeeee…

4. Anith’s out from OIAM tonight. I’m beyond sad. She was such a talented and classy lady. Takpelah nith, rezeki ada dimana-mana.

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Mar 18 2009

Orang kata, bukan saya kata..

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I’ve received quite a few thoughtful messages from different people. Some said we do look alike. Don’t we?

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Mar 17 2009

When I ask myself..

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Am I ready to be a doctor now? To plunge myself into the real world of pain, suffering and sickness? Am I strong enough to face the challenges of the real world? I will start my clinical rotation next Monday, 23rd March. Am I ready enough? I don’t know. I’m still praying for an answer.

Long and short sleeve coat. (or they call it as Jes Koas)


See. Wrong name again and again! Supposely is JAMAIN not JUMAIN! whatever!!

8.00am: Physical Examination
10.00am: Blood Test
12.00pm: Rontgen Exam
19 March
8.00am: Psychiatry test
10.30am: Interview (Bahagian Jiwa)

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