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Feb 19 2009

Protected: Moodiness

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Feb 16 2009

The agony of heart break

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Love is bullshit

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Feb 15 2009

How pathetic I am… T__T

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I don’t know. I didn’t know. I have to know. But, I forgot.

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Feb 15 2009

Taking a breather

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After the whole hectic week, we decided to just chill. And we did! We went to festival kuliner and Dunia anak Jogja. Jadi supporter buat temen-temen yang ikutan lomba makan, terus ada acara fashion show lah, lomba nyanyi, lomba macem2 ah pokokny asikkkkkkkkkkkkkk bgt td. Yang paling asik si makan-makanny. hahaaa eh apasal macam tertukar channel?

Below pictures show how happy and grateful we were! (:


Ala biasala kami. Kalau setakat gambar macam ni tak pelik kooott…

Ini bukan patung asli. Ini rekaan semata-mata. Jangan digunakan untuk disembah.

Just ignore that budak sewel. Hai Berta, aq bilang kamu cantik. =)

Bai-bai and thank you guys! You guys always cheer me up with all those nonsensical talks! haha.

Anyway kawan-kawan, this is YOGYAKARTA. The place where we lepak-lepak just now!

Time to tuck in to my bed. Nights everyone!

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Feb 13 2009


  • I talk to myself a lot.
  • I am a sensitive person. but im not sure how sensitive it can be. But I am.
  • I realy really suck at math! 7+9 pun masih keluarkan jari untuk mengira.
  • I enjoyed crushing mosquitos when I was a kid.. I didn’t grow up to be a serial killer. oh, thank God!!
  • I am a detailed and a planned person. I do apply formality in my life. After all life is not that easy to be too easy going.
  • I don’t understand what the F is about the TV series ‘Heroes’, ‘Prison Break’ or any series. I think it sucks!
  • I loved swimming and I learned it from my dad.
  • I can memorize lyrics of my favourite song in a very short time but I can’t memorize the simplest facts in my lecture notes.
  • I don’t like people who is easy to give up in what ever matters. My mindset is never give up until u come to the end.
  • My fav uni is LKW. and I was thinking of studying there since I was in form 3.
  • Obviously, I am not friendly.
  • I want to marry someone with music talent so that my children will be excellant in music. I want my daughter to learn piano and violin while my sons to learn guitar and drum.
  • I’m not the kind of person who could fall in love with 2 people simultaneously. My life is not a Korean drama series.
  • I hate when anyone up for a friendship with benefits. That’s too bad.
  • Finally, I am addicted to my sexay Naufael Zahedi.

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    Bye bye, Thesis!
    Ratio prevalence of Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver disease in obesity subjects on metabolic syndrome population. (82pages)

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