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Jan 20 2009

Hello Kitty Stratocaster!

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n1087365452_30119000_9841 n1087365452_30118998_8444

Photographer: Desveri Rafnita Putra
Make Up Artist: Mb Dian

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Jan 19 2009

Protected: Through the name of Allah, i pray….

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Jan 17 2009

Time for more stories

Lepas baca blog cinoi, saya dengan secara langsung ke untuk melihat rakaman WHI bersama artis tersebut. Caugh a glimpse about her, I agreed with what Cinoi said, dia macam baca script! tersusun dan teratur. She was pretty eloquent for a twenty-year-old budding actress.“That’s why…. saya.. bla-bla.. That’s why… saya…” , your script was so stiff la. Terlalu banyak ‘that’s why’!

But I must say, she looked more attractive compared to the pictures i’ve seen before. Cantik and ayu sangat. Well, orang Johor memang cantik-cantik kot! hehe.. Anyway, I am most definitely don’t condone on what she did. Berdarah mentah orang kata. Dia perlu belajar dari kesilapan.

And to the poor guy, you have everything and you blew it. Serve you right. No more 3rd chance for you. And one more, please don’t start using “the name of God” or “leaving it to fate” to legitimize your illicit actions. I am so pity with your innocent wife and your two children….


Saya cuma men’snap’ gambar SEKALI sahaja. That is not so me. Yelah, saya malulah nak keluarkan kamera saya yang cuma berharga Rm22.50 tunai itu..
-Snap gambar cepat-cepat biar takde orang nampak! Haha.-


My photo shoot last night was great. Shoot for stop action moving sangat letih. Disuruh lompat seribu kali. Berlari statik. Penat but it was really fun and nice to work with the crew. They promised me the pictures anyway. Tak sabar nak tengok hasilnya.


Tak perlulah upload gambar besar-besar nanti ada orang buat account myspace menggunakan gambar saya. Chewah bajet! geliiiii jek!

Cikgu Totin baru balik mengajar.


Blowing out the candles.

It was another relaxing day in Happy Puppy karaoke. The karaoke session was in conjuction of Prawesthika Tunggal Dewi’s Birthday celebration.(Sengaja ja kan tulis nama panjang-panjang?) She’s one of my closest Indonesian friends and probably will be for a long time. She turned 23rd on yesterday. I’m so sorry that it’s late to wish. *Sengaja kale..* Hahaha.. Met Ultah ya Thikkkk! Makasi atas traktiran karaokeanny td!


It’s feeling very good to have fun with them!

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Jan 17 2009

Protected: Everything’s gonna be fine. [BAA]

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Jan 14 2009

Do you remember your high school years?

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1. Who were your seatmates?
– Form 1: Aini Mohamad
– Form 2: Farah Dayana (Pareq)
– Form 3: Farah Dayana (Pareq)
– Form 4: Left- Syafeeka Zainuddin; Right- Norlina Sarkawi
– Form 5- Left- Syafeeka Zainuddin; Right- Norlina Sarkawi; Front- Tan Hui Tein; Back- Fatimah Leham

2. Still remember your English teacher?
– Form 1: Pn…..
– Form 2: Pn….
– Form 3: Pn Kamaliah
– Form 4: Pn Siti Zubaidah
– Form 5: Pn Elizabeth!! =)

3. What was your class name?
-1 RK 1
-2 RK 1
-3 RK 1
-4 Sains 1
-5 Sains 1

4. Made friends to the lower years?

5. Had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
– Form 1: Sari
– Form 2: A. Arif koooot!
– Form 3: Ali
– Form 4: Ali
– Form 5: Senoy

[cinta monyet dahulu kala]

6. How was your table arrangement in class?
– 3 pairs

7. Made any enemies?
– Not that I know of..

8. What games did you play?
– UNO card. muahaa..

9. Did you buy your lunch?
– Mee hun sup sambal kecap! srupsss

10. Were you a party animal?
– Nah..

11. Were you well known in your school?
– I think so… *kak yan! kak yan! oh irritating seh.

12. Skip classes?
– Not even one.

13. Did you get suspended/expelled?
– Never.

14. Can you sing the school song?

Inilah TIGS
Kaulah obor kami
sekolah yang tercinta
tempat menuntut ilmu
naaa… na na naaaa
jasa mu mendidik kamii
kami kenang tanpamu
semua harapan musnah..

na na na..
nana na na naaa…



Na na na..
Na na naaa…
Na na na naa…

*muahahahahahahaha tak ingat do*

15. What was your favorite subject?
– Pendidikan Seni and Biology!

16. What was your school’s full name?

17. Did you go to the dances?
– Yeap. ZAPINese!

18. Where did you go most often during breaks?
– Canteen and Dataran Minda

19. If you could go back in time and do it all over, would you?
– seriously I miss those memories!

20. What do you remember most about 5th year?
– Ade orang tu jatuh dalam lubang tandas terjelepukkkkkkkkk kene taik. buahahahaaaa.. ok ini rahsia the gang of ALIEN, sysssssssssssssss.. =p

21. Worst memory in 5th year?
– Early form 4, without Pareq. uhu..

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