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Jan 31 2009

Sumpah busy sangat, preparing for a week of exams!

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International Health and Management of New Emerging Disease

Model: Patient from Sadjito Hospital,Yog.

I am now in 4th and block 22 (final block exams). As the temperature begins to rise outside, it makes it harder to concentrate on school. This block though, I worked hard to stay ahead and it is paying off now. Even so, I still am learning a ton which I enjoy. Now I just hope I can recall the info when I need it. Say, when working with a patient? ecewah..

What I’m studying today??


Ok bye.

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Jan 29 2009


ok fine!

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Jan 26 2009

Marah ni.

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First of all, hello and welcome to this house. you are new in here so please don’t break the rules. I don’t care how old are you, yang penting, saya senior. awak junior. Bhuahaha. Can you please smoke outside? Busuk tau tak?! Awak tau tak dah berapa kali saya sembur pewangi Ambi Pur Pink Flowers dekat bilik ni? Saya sembur, awak hembus. Saya sembur, awak hembus.

I love my lung. So please.. respect me!

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Jan 24 2009

Me vs high heels

Being a woman is something about wearing a shoe with a high heel makes me feel attractive and even powerful. A lot of women love high heels, and wear them, knowing that they can be a burden on your bodies. It is scientifically proven that some types of heels, or wearing heels too much, does damage the feet of women and cause knee and back problems. So, heels are sexy, but you want to be careful and not over do it. Well, beauty is pain kan?

Now I have to have shoes with heels or it makes my feet feel naked. Therefore, I almost always buy shoes with heels. I kind of known for wearing very high heels then my bf say to me how can you walk in those. Tak penat ke? Penat lah ngok. But who cares. Nak cantik depan kau punye pasal lah. haha.

Carlo Rino, Vincci, Nose, Guess, Dior, semua heels memang saya suka tapi yang mahal-mahal pakai jarang-jarang je. Sebab yang mahal tu la buat kaki saya melecet! And I found shoes from Yebeng has many amazing and comfortable heels. Yebeng? Nama macam kelakar je kan? But seriously, buat pakai pegi pasar pon rasa syokkkk je.


Yes. Heels Yebeng sekarang sudah menjadi model kasut di Indonesia. Sayalah yang promote. Kasut ni saya beli dekat Kedai Yebeng Taman Kosas, Ampang. Rm39.90 je kot! muahaha.

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Jan 21 2009

Atok tak sempat tengok saya jadi doctor…..

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Whereas, lagi beberapa hari sahaja lagi saya habis belajar
Lagi beberapa bulan sahaja lagi saya grad…..

Herm.. now, I started imagining what life would be without her at now on. I started to wonder, how does it feel to go to her house, and not see her again. Instead I only see my bibi’, cik Ati that used to build her lives. I started to remembering my last meal together with her, our last conversation and secretly hoping it was a conversation that pleases her ears. I tried hard to recall the last time i shook her hand, and kissed her on the hand. I just hope that she die in peace with her light heart, knowing that she has lived their life the way she was supposed to, and more than anything else, I just want her to be mercifully blessed by Allah.


A moment of silent and Al-Fatihah to my grandmother, Hjh Fatimah Binti Hj. Dahlan who has just passed away at 11.25pm, 21 January 2009. She is very dear to my heart. May her soul be blessed. Amin. T_T

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