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Dec 21 2008

Let’s get loud!

Finally I’m going to Happypuppy again. After a long time of no mic singing with Dr Azili and Dr Yanto(No more abang-abang title lagila since they are officially become a doctor) . Yes, I’m really looking forward to this outing. It’s been a long time since I had the chance to sing with them. Singing out loud or you might call it screaming was definitely fun!!

Totin Citra Lestari feat Yanto Lasso. lol!

p/s: Eekin jangan jealous!

Not to forget, a very happy birthday to Hafiz Sasuke(20th) and Maliha Idayati (21st). May God bless you with lots of good things in life. Sadly, I’m not in Malaysia to celebrate with you. =(

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Dec 20 2008

Children Fruit?

I found this from Alyssa’s Fb notes. It’s kinda funny, a full translation from Indonesia-English

(hi john, saya mau putuskan hubungan kita)
(saya sudah memikirkan ini masak masak)
(kau benar benar pria buaya darat!)
(saya tidak mau sakit hati untuk ke 2 kali)
(kali ini ku maafkan, lain kali kubunuh kamu!)
(dari buah hati mu, Inem)

p/s: Children Fruit = Anak Buah. ??

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Dec 18 2008

Deep meaning

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This is one of my favorite song of all time but I can never get all the way through it without shedding a tear. This song tells my feeling. It touches me..

Christina Aguilera – Hurt –

Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face
You told me how proud you were but I walked away
If only I knew what I know today

I would hold you in my arms
I would take the pain away
Thank you for all you’ve done
Forgive all your mistakes
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do
To hear your voice again
Sometimes I want to call you but I know you won’t be there

I’m sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn’t do
And I’ve hurt myself by hurting you
Some days I feel broke inside but I won’t admit
Sometimes I just want to hide ’cause it’s you I miss
You know it’s so hard to say goodbye when it comes to this

Would you tell me I was wrong?
Would you help me understand?
Are you looking down upon me?
Are you proud of who I am?

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do
To have just one more chance
To look into your eyes and see you looking back

I’m sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn’t do
And I’ve hurt myself
If I had just one more day, I would tell you how much that
I’ve missed you since you’ve been away

Oh, it’s dangerous
It’s so out of line to try to turn back time

I’m sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn’t do
And I’ve hurt myself

By hurting you

Well, I don’t have that much to say besides. My mood is never good when it comes to exam mode. Listen to the song and read the lines. Hope you all enjoy it!

p/s: Happy Birthday Nanie Mk!

Countdown: 5 days to go. Home sweet home.

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Dec 16 2008

My big secret

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Hai. My name is Totin. I am a stalker freak or ‘cyber-stalker’. Haha. Yes I am proud of it. As long as worth it and interesting for me. ;p

A short conversation;

Me: Hey. U kenal XXX?
Me: Mana u kenal?
A: He is.. bla bla bla. She is bla bla bla. Why?
Me: He is bla bla bla with my bf bla bla bla. She is bla bla bla.
(Highlight: Look at HE and SHE.)
A: I rasa kita STALK orang yang sama!
Us: *Evil laugh*

Omigod I can’t believe that!

Stalking can sometimes be a good thing. But sometimes it may hurt me. To all my blog stalkers, I am calling you out! Just drop me a quick comment! I just curious to see who all out there that adore me much.

Ok bye-bye. I am going to go and stalk YOU now!

myBIGsecret: I stalk almost 20blogs every week. I don’t comment but I enjoyed reading their blog. muahaha!

Related with this entry, my stalker partner.

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Dec 15 2008

Thoughts fly through my mind

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I have been talking to a few friends lately. The one things that keeps popping up from them is about the matter of heart. Lonely, breakups, heartless (takde hati) and love is crap or whatsoever. They all belong in the same age group. My advice is just,

Please stop thinking about how your life feels empty because you have not found the other half!

Yes. Falling in love is the most wonderful thing a person can have but break ups are the total opposite. It is always one party that decide to call it off… due to whatever reasons given. “My feelings have changed”, “I feel trapped”, “I’ve found someone else” and the list goes on.

I remember my first time I got dumped. I had cried and cried as ages. I had been sad for the longest time ever. It was the worst feeling ever. Can’t eat. Can’t sleep. Everything seems so wrong. I stop going to the place that reminds me of him. I wish I could just crawl into bed and stay there for the rest of my life. It took me 2 years to forget him. I have chosen not to keep in touch with him, due to my personal reasons. But I do acknowledge if he ever text or message me in ym.

I have pined for a useless idiot before. I have felt empty before. I have wondered when my Knight in Shining Armour will come and rescue me. . I guess I shouldn’t have started going out with the guy in the first place, knowing what kind of guy he is when it comes to falling in and out of love. But again, who was I to argue with the feelings in my heart? I’m someone who follows my heart instead of my brain when it comes to matters of love..

And now, I know there is more to life than pining, whining, waiting and bitching. I meant it when I said I am not proud of my past, but I am glad of what I learned from it all. I am not proud that I couldn’t portray and give the very best me to my bf, but I am glad that he loves me for me. The way I AM now.

So to all my ‘single’ friends ( YUN, Cikanot, Ee-kin, Kakd, Nora, Sarra, and many more), don’t give up for finding that special one. But don’t go hunting for that person either. Just relax. Enjoy your life and one day he’ll come knocking on your door. The grass may seem greener on the other side. Trust me! =)

Short conversation with me and F.


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