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Dec 30 2008

Happy New Year!

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2008, Life to me begins at this year.I have grown as a person. Though in many ways I’ve descended onto the Devil’s path. My oh my, 2008 has been an intoxicating year to say the least. It is a year of many firsts. It is a year of discovery, and also a year of loss. It is a year of immense joy, but also a year of deep sorrow. It is a miracle that experiencing emotions so contradicting and so intense has not killed me.

New Year 2009 is around the corner. That means another round of partying. Happy 2009 to all! Let’s see what’s in store for me next.

Pictures of me in Dec 08….

With Luna in AEON Bukit Indah, JB

Danga Bay

With Piqut and Yun [BP Mall]

Alien’s day out [BP Mall]

With Luna [KLCC]

My everything.

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Dec 28 2008

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Dec 26 2008

Hospital Pantai Batu Pahat

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I don’t think I can drive my car. I can hardly move out my fingers and my left hand.
Still pain and really pain!
So today’s a day of rest.
Dah tak bole taip lagi.
Till we meet again.

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Dec 25 2008

Adriana Lima =)

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Photographer: Adly Hanani
Stylist: VE
Location: Red Wall Studio, Yogyakarta, Ind
p/s: Click the pictures! Feel free to leave your comments and enquiries.

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Dec 23 2008

Exams exams go awayyy… uhuuu!~

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Hey guys, I have finish the so called ‘most nervous exam‘ ever, my OSCE exam. OSCE stand for Objective Structured Clinical Examination, which is like a practical test for medical students. For my OSCE 7, there were 4 stations. Each station test the clinical skill that I have learn.

1. Sensitive case

2. Endotraceal Tube Insertion (memasukkan tube oxygen kedalam saluran pernafasan ke atas patient yang tidak sedarkan diri untuk membantu pernafasan patient)

3. Nenonatal resuscitation (Membantu bayi yang mempunyai masalah selepas kelahiran)

4. Eye examination (Check mata lah ngok!)

Overall were Ok. Except for my sensitive case. Patient problem: berumur 40tahun, curiga pregnant, but at the same time, she is also as penasihat Keluarga Berencana (Family Planning). The patient always asked me, ‘doc, gmana sy mo jelasin ke masyarakat pentingny KB pdhal sy sndiri pregnant??, gmana masyarakat mo percayakan sy?’, Duhhhh payah si mb’e. itu aj jadi masalah kq mb! heheee.. I was so blur and couldn’t make up a word when she’s saying. My Indonesian languages pon macam berterabur sahaja tadi. T____T

Right: Endotracheal Tube / Left: Neonatal Resuscitation

Felt so relax and happy afterwards. Hopefully the result will be better.At least, we’ve had a reasonable amount of practice. Good news is, It’s OVER! But the bad news is, result is yet to come.. *sigh*

Anyways, I am so looking forward for tomorrow’s evening!! I will be in Malaysia for a couple of week. Can’t wait to go back home and sleep on my comfy bed. Not that I don’t like it in Jogja, but i miss everything! This time, I will bring my Indonesian friend along with me. hoorey!

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